Our Mandate

Bridges – Mississauga Puppetry Festival aims to inspire and ignite imagination, sense of wonder, playfulness and creativity of children and adults alike.





Puppetry and animation of inanimate objects are some of the oldest art forms known to humans. They can be traced all the way to bronze age and present in virtually all cultures around the globe. Despite ancient origins of puppetry, animating objects is not an art form of the past, more so of the present and definitely future in a major way. Today, more than ever, we are surrounded by puppetry. Computer games, even films are a form of puppetry, by using a series of static images lined up to evoke movement. Robots, becoming more so ever, present in our daily life are also puppets in their essence; complex combinations of inanimate parts assembled in a way that allows them movement tasked with a specific outcome and function. Most recent humanoid robots are even directly modelled after centuries old principles and techniques of puppet designs and building.

Bridges – Mississauga Puppetry Festival will aim to engage in the conversation about art and society by introducing, examining and celebrating various forms of animating objects. For us, animation is expressed in various forms of moving/animating inanimate objects. These forms include puppetry, automata, stop-motion animation, film and digital animation and robotics. We are curious about the questions of how life is created and impacted by objects exploring human stories and forming relations with humans. It is our mission to ignite a reflection of the world in our audiences by connecting past and the future. We want to celebrate traditional forms of puppetry and the skills of the puppet designers and performers, while expanding the conversation of what is puppetry and animation and how it touches contemporary world.


Artistic Director
Andreja Kovac

Marketing Advisor
Faisal Rasheed

Community Outreach
Rosanna Ramirez

Akash Chauhan

Managing Director
Aditi Sharma

Social Media
Jeff Kennes

Shiyam Pillai

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Crisan Marius

Technical Director
David Carcasole

Community Outreach
Nawras Taifour

Arun Pillai

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Oleg V

Front of House Manager
Erik Mrakovcic

Community Outreach
Viktorija Kovac

CĂ©line Lepage

Video Support
Haider Umar


Bridges Festival is presented by Crane Creations Theatre Company.

A professional theatre company dedicated to production and presentation of professional theatre in Mississauga. Started by our Artistic Director Andreja Kovac, CCTC aims to create opportunities for local professional artists and enrich the cultural scene in Mississauga.